Autumn Glacier Getaway

Sherrie and I had the opportunity to go to Missoula MT to pick up a painting that we commissioned our nephew Eric Jensen to paint for us. Eric is an amazing landscape artist and MFA student at the University of Montana in Missoula; you should check out his website: We asked him to paint for us a picture reminiscent of our trip to Ouray, Colorado, and he painted this gem for us:

It is now proudly, prominently displayed in our home.

Since we were going to Missoula, we figured we might take a couple of extra days and go to Glacier National Park. What a gorgeous place! Even though it was wintry, and the “upper” part of the Road to the Sun was closed, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. We didn’t see any bears, though they were certainly nearby:

but we saw amazing scenery and appreciated how beautiful Glacier is. It reminded us very much of the parks in the Pacific northwest we visited a few years ago (without the redwoods!).

We saw some wildlife

but mostly just enjoyed the amazing scenery:

We learned for the first time in our lives about the unique Tamarack tree, which is both coniferous and deciduous, and changes color from green to yellow in the fall
If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was a sick pine or fir (which is what we thought as we saw the first ones just before arriving in Missoula–until Eric corrected us).

We hiked close to 30 miles in a few days, and met some new friends (Jen and Jeff)

We even hiked in the rain and a bit of snow! (Avalanche Lake below)

But mostly we just enjoyed the beautiful world we live in

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