COVID-19: Backyard birding!

COVID-19 has caused Sherrie and me to stay at home a lot. We’ve spent some time hiking; yesterday we went to Green Canyon in the Logan area:


We did the 8-mile up and back to the Yurt. It was a fun hike, but the bottoms of our feet were a little sore by the end–we need to hike some more!

We also went up above Mantua on the side-by-side a week or so ago and got stuck in a snow drift:


but that’s a (not-so interesting) story for another day.

What I want to write about today is the fun we’ve been having spotting birds from our backyard. It is Spring, and the birds are movin’! We’ve spotted some old favorites:


as well as some new friends we’ve not often seen around here:




as well as:


All of these, and a few others, I identify on my photography blog; take a look if you’re not sure what they are. Stop by sometime and let me know what you think of those and my other photos.

So, if the COVID’s got you down, take a step outside, look into the trees, and see if you can meet some new friends!

One thought on “COVID-19: Backyard birding!

  1. Beautiful! I especially love the Lazuli Bunting (as I learned he is named after visiting your photography blog). We have SO MANY birds here too, that was surprising to me. We have a couple of bird feeders in our back yard and they keep us entertained for hours. One of my favorites are of course the Quail (or running birds as Kev calls them).


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