Many adventures

We’ve had many adventures the last few weeks. Here’s a brief post with photos and stories.

On August 25, we went to Liberty Park in SLC to celebrate Sylvia’s first birthday. It was a nice day in the park and we all had a good time, except that Sylvia got stung on her lip by a wasp. Happy Birthday Sylvia!



Those photos were probably taken after the wasp sting (?), which might explain her look of, shall we say, detachment?

On Labor Day, we hiked up to the Wind Caves in Logan canyon. Little Esther was amazing–she hiked up the entire trail all by herself. It’s nearly a two-mile route and climbs 1000 feet, so that’s no small feat (but her feet are small). On the way down, she took a ride in the backpack on Matt’s back, explaining that she was tired and needed a nap.


(Esther holding court and explaining life during a short break)


(The hiking gang, minus the photographer)


(The holes in the wind cave look a lot like an ape skull from far away)


September 13-15, we went to St. George to do some hiking in Zion and attend the play Matilda at Tuacahn. We went with our friends Scott and Marie. We played pickleball Thursday night, and Scott re-injured his calf muscle, so he and Marie were out for the hike in the Narrows on Friday.

We loved the Narrows! Sherrie had been before but I hadn’t. We went up around 3-4 miles and then came back out. The weather was great–a bit on the warm side, which made it nice wading in the river. Here are some photos:



We were glad to have our trekking poles–it made it a lot easier to hike through the brown water–you couldn’t see any of the boulders under the water! We saw a few people go down in the water when they slipped on unseen rocks.

After the hike, we attended Matilda that night. One of our friends had said that she didn’t like it, but we decided that was probably because she didn’t know what to expect from a Roald Dahl story–we loved it.

On our trip to St. George, we went to the Payson Temple and saw the active Pole Creek Fire on the other side of the mountain from Payson:


A number of people were evacuated from the area in the hills south of Spanish Fork, but no dwellings were lost during the fire.

Finally, yesterday, we went to Esther’s four-year-old birthday party. It was a magical affair, complete with unicorns! There were a number of fun activities, and we all had fun. Becky and Matt did a great job organizing the party.




One thought on “Many adventures

  1. Tuacahn and we didn’t even get to have dinner with you guys! Zion narrows is Kanaraville Falls all grown up. it looks amazing.


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