Miscellany on Sunday

I (Michael) was in Virginia Beach for one of our client’s planning meetings. We had the opportunity while there to tour the flightline at NAS Oceana with the chief maintenance officer (Readiness Officer) at the base. He was very gracious and gave us a wonderful tour and insight into the maintenance challenges the Navy is facing. Here’s a photo of me with Stephanie and Matt in front of an F/A-18F:


Last Saturday, we went to Salt Lake and met up with Rachel, Natalie, Zac, Matt, Becky, Esther and Sylvia to celebrate Rachel’s birthday. I took a few photos of various gang members while there:


Rachel, Natalie and Zac intrigued by something happening on the screen. Speaking of screens, they can be quite captivating:


And, quite difficult to keep from falling off the wall:


Whenever I take photos, I try to do something creative in composition or editing, and I came up with this of Esther playing at the ping-pong table:


Just goes to show you that you can salvage photos that may not have ideal exposure settings if you shoot in RAW format (don’t ask)!

People aren’t always happy when you are taking photos:


But every now and then, you capture beauty at its best:



We are looking forward to Jared and Rachel’s visit (plus Silas and Phoebe) this week! They’ll be in Utah for a couple of weeks, for a math conference for Rachel at Snowbird (I think) and for our family vacation. It will be great to have everybody together!

Today is Mother’s Day. Sherrie and I love our mothers a lot and miss them. It was fun today to talk to kids and grandkids and think about the joys of our wonderful family.