Groundhog Day Brings Another Birthday

If birthdays have to come around every year, at least they should be a lot of fun.  This year my birthday did seem to get here even more quickly than ever, but Michael and many others made sure that it was definitely fun.

I started the day with some pickleball.  Pickleball has been getting REALLY fun on some of the days I play.  Birthday pickleball this year was fun, but not REALLY fun – some of my tennis friends wanted to learn so Marie and I took them for a teaching day.  Teaching days are fun, but I guess I prefer the days I am being taught (but hopefully not schooled!).

I hurried home to meet my friend Lori who bakes me something new and lemony every year.  This year it was Lemon Streusal Cake.  YUM!

My friends Marie and Tina took me to lunch and we had such a nice time sitting around visiting for long enough that even though we were at Wendy’s, someone came around and bused our table!

I met up with my old Stake Young Womens presidency for treats after that – but I just stayed for a half hour until Michael picked me up and took me on ANOTHER birthday celebration.

We drove to Salt Lake City and checked into one of our favorite downtown hotels just in time to change clothes, find somewhere to eat (Thai), then walked over to Abravanel Hall to see the Utah Symphony play.  They played Mozart and Hayden with a guest pianist from Amsterdam, Ronald Brautigam who played Mozart’s Jeunehomme Concerto.  We were sitting very close to the piano and had a great look at all that he was playing.  WOW!  I did get a bit distracted with all of his “choreography” which was at times a bit over the top.

We really enjoyed the concert, as well as the pre-concert discussion that helped us to know what it was we were listening to, plus learn a bit about the pianist who was also there at the introduction and gave a short interview.

On the way back to our hotel we “happened” past a super fun dessert shop and decided that since it was my birthday we should try it out.  It was one of those places with cleverly named $10 desserts, and it was super fun.  We went all out and ordered the lemon stack (layers of lemon and thin crepes, with white chocolate sauce and fresh berries) and the Glamping S’mores which were quite glam!  We ate about half of each and about killed ourselves but it was tons of fun and we took the rest home for later. (Didn’t learn our lesson, I suppose.)

Saturday morning we got up and went for a walk around downtown and up and around the State Capitol building.  It was actually a very beautiful morning for early February and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Not ready to be done with our adventure, we went back and got ready for the day, checked out of the hotel, and headed to the Winter Farmers Market.  We had a blast tasting samples and buying lots of fun things from local artisans – probably mostly fancy chocolate.  We did balance it out with some really great looking baby arugula that we took home and ate for dinner.

Before calling it quits for the birthday party we met up with Matthew, Becky, Esther and Sylvia for lunch.  What a wonderful celebration.

I also got to see or talk to each of my wonderful kids, and heard from lots of friends and family so it was a pretty great birthday.  So much fun helps keep my mind off the number of birthdays I have now celebrated!

Thanks, Everybody!!!!

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