We visit the arctic tundra of Ann Arbor

Sherrie and I have been slackers in writing our doings, or doing our writings. We apologize for the hiatus, and hope (promise?) to do better!

All of a sudden we are all the way through fall and halfway through winter.  We had a super nice fall in Brigham City that lasted much longer usual and we really enjoyed the great weather with lots of hiking, biking and the like. Now that winter is here, though, the skier/snowboarder within us is desperately seeking snow! We haven’t got much yet, but we had one day with Mike Macedonia and his daughter Daphne a couple weeks ago. It was our first trip to Snowbasin, and we quite liked it, even though the snow was thin and we wished we had trashy skis for the conditions.

As we write this, Sherrie is in Ann Arbor, and Michael is back home in Brigham City. Through the miracle of Google Docs, we are collaborating on this entry in real time. We went to Ann Arbor a little over a week ago, and Michael came back home on last Saturday. Little Phoebe May was born six weeks ago, and we hadn’t seen her yet!

We (had?) (are having?) a wonderful time in Ann Arbor. Sherrie and I got to walk Silas to and from school each day, and meet his teachers and see what his school is all about. It’s a fun school and Silas seems to like it a lot. In face, he likes it almost as much as playing in the snow piles on the way to school (which is quite a lot!).

Ann Arbor was hit with the arctic blast like much of the midwest and east coast, so we had some cold days last week. It warmed up for a few days then got cold again when Michael left. Meanwhile, Utah is warm (highs in the low 40s) and sunny. But it appears that Sherrie is bringing a major storm home to Utah with her this weekend.

Our purpose in going to Ann Arbor was to meet Phoebe and also to help Jared and Rachel as they adjust to being four instead of three.


(Rachel and Phoebe. Phoebe is so cute!)

We got to do chores, take Silas to school, walk with Phoebe, and take the whole family out to run errands in our rental car.


(Grandpa reading to Silas)


(Rachel and Silas in some task)


(Jared and Silas making “egg nuggets”)

It’s been fun for Michael and Sherrie to see Ann Arbor again after being away for so long. Lots of old memories, and we even saw some people at church that we hadn’t seen in almost thirty years!

We made a trip to Frankfort (near Traverse City) to see Michael’s stepmom Jan.


(The arctic tundra of the road to Frankfort)

Our visit was too short! Jan made a lovely dinner of salmon, salad, potatoes, and dessert, and we had a lot of fun catching up. On the drive, we had a good time taking turns reading from “A Wrinkle in Time.” Michael had never read it before, and it’s been a while for Sherrie. We are reading it in preparation for the release of the movie this summer.

We got together with Michael’s sister Wendy and her son Dylan one night. Kevin is teaching in Arizona, and Wendy and Dylan are looking forward to moving out there this summer when Dylan finishes high school. It was fun to be with them and we appreciated their willingness to make the trek to Ann Arbor from Waterford on a snowy night.

On Saturday, we had a fun trip to the Hands-on museum in Ann Arbor. It was fun and a bit tiring following Silas as he ran from exhibit to exhibit. It’s an amazing place with lots of cool things, and occupied Silas full attention for a couple of hours.


(Silas in the “ball room”)

Today, Sherrie and the rest got to visit the Bell Tower on Central Campus for a concert in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Silas even got to try his hands on the bells:


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