Weekly photo challenge: Waiting

In this week’s photo challenge (“Waiting”), we were asked to share a snapshot that shows a sense of waiting.

I had the blessing today to spend some time with my two granddaughters Esther and (newborn) Sylvia while their parents had some time out together. Esther was, of course, a ball of energy, and Sylvia was, of course, sleeping. We had fun playing with playdough and Esther was her normal ebullient self.

I got a couple of good shots of Esther, both of which evoked for me Waiting. The first was when Esther told us all we had to take a nap. She proceeded to lie on the couch, and although she was only still for about  a microsecond, I managed to capture this:


Do not fool yourself into thinking that the afternoon was a quiet affair! The second photo is more indicative of how things went:


Applause please!

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