A new baby in the Webb family

The exciting news this week is that we have a new baby in the Webb family! Sylvia Ann Webb was born to Matthew and Becky at 0526 this morning (7 pounds, 19 inches long).


We got a call at 0100 this morning that Becky had begun labor. Sherrie quickly got her things together and went to Salt Lake. She had to go to the neighbors to pick up Esther, and she had to go to the hospital to get keys from Matt (not sure of the order). Eventually she got Esther back to her own house and to bed and finally fell asleep around 0400. (I’m on the phone with her right now and she sounds very tired.) One fun story is that when Esther got to the neighbors’, she was wide awake and they had to read stories to her for a couple of hours until Sherrie arrived.

I was up just after 5 for my early-morning meeting, and I texted Matt at 0524 (yes, two minutes before Sylvia came, by coincidence) to send me updates. Well, at 0610, during the beginning of our meeting, my phone rang and I could see it was Matt, so I excused myself and went out in the hall to talk to him, and I got the happy news.

Sherrie and I spent most of the day with Matt, Becky, Esther, and Sylvia. It was lovely! Becky seems to be in high spirits and feeling and looking great. Sylvia slept a lot and seems to be happy to be here, if sleepy. Esther was very quiet and reserved when she first saw her sister:

DSC_0079but as the day wore on she got quite used to the idea that she was now a big sister, and was then her normal ebullient self (here I caught her jumping):


Matthew was a glowing new papa.


And of course, Grandma and Grandpa were pretty happy as well:


Sherrie just told me that when they left the hospital (I had to leave a while ago), Esther fell asleep in the car on the ride home. Mind you, it was only five blocks, so that was fast! She pretty much conked out.

We are so happy to have a new lovely granddaughter in our family, and that things went so well with her arrival. Children, grand or otherwise, are a great blessing from a loving Heavenly Father. I cherish the children in my life.

One thought on “A new baby in the Webb family

  1. Mike , Sherrie and the new
    parents! Congratulations to
    each, what a blessing to have a beautiful, healthy baby! If she was born on
    8-27, that is Vicki’s B-day
    Her daughter Julie is 8-29,
    and Wendy 8-25 or 8-26…
    Anyway lots of Webb’s in
    that one week!! Love, A. Al


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