Sherrie and I are currently in Rexburg, ID with Jared, Rachel and Silas, and Rachel Elizabeth. We had the happy coincidence that our nephew Joey returned home from his mission to Oklahoma a few days ago and gave his report in sacrament meeting here today. So we came up to visit Sherrie’s sister Pam’s family, and this just happens (:-) to coincide with the eclipse tomorrow. We are excited to be here. Rexburg is in the path of totality, and only nine miles from the centerline. The skies are a little hazy from fires, but hopefully we will have a good show tomorrow.

We had a loss this week: our peach tree split right down the middle on its main branch:


We are going to try and let the branches “live” long enough to ripen the peaches, but the tree will have to go this Fall or in the Spring. I’m bummed about that.

As of yet, we haven’t seen any evidence of the #Eclipolypse. Although, in church today, there we quite a few visitors from near and far. The Rexburg-ites seem to be taking it in stride. I keep watching Google Maps to see the traffic problems, but none have arisen in Northern Utah/Southern Idaho yet. Much ado about nothing?

I bought an “entry-level” Nikon DSLR this past week. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and decided to let the #Eclipolypse be the impetus to make the purchase. I’ve been practicing taking pictures. Here are few:

Here’s one taken by a stranger in Jared’s apartment complex:


I took a few photos of Matt, Becky and Esther:


and here’s Becky, ready to burst:


I took a couple pictures of the night sky this week. First, a picture toward the north (Cassiopeia) with the Milky Way; if you know where to look in the right third just below center, you can see the Andromeda Galaxy:


(I need to get away from city lights to get better Milky Way photos).

In preps for the #Eclipolypse, I took some photos of the sun through a filter today. You can see some (somewhat blurry) sunspots:


I’m excited about the #Eclipolypse tomorrow. I hope we can get some good photos, but above all that we have a neat experience.

We are breathlessly awaiting the call from Matt and Becky, as she is due in the next week or so and the baby can come at any time. Sherrie has plans to go down and help Matt and Esther when the big day comes. We’re excited for the new baby!

I took a couple of good pictures of Silas: one at our table at home before we left:


And one of Silas in the backyard sand pile after being buried by his (first, once-removed) cousins Elijah and Benjamin:


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