Are we there yet?

We can basically say that “Stage 1” of our home renovation project has finished this week. That’s a little white lie, as we need three more tiles in the bathroom off the kitchen (which the floor people haven’t brought and installed yet). But, we finished putting back all the baseboards early this week. What a major job the baseboards are! There are two more baseboards to install in the bathroom after the tiles are installed. We want a new light in the kitchen over the table, and the fixture location will have to be moved. We still need rugs, and a few other things, including a new piece of granite to cover the one cabinet. Oh, and there is a lot of stuff in the basement that needs to be restored to its natural place in the house. So maybe we aren’t quite there yet. But there was a big sigh of relief at the Webb household earlier this week as we finished the baseboards, and now we can focus on “normal” house maintenance. For the most part.

Yesterday Sherrie went to Salt Lake and Provo to be with Esther and Silas most of the day while Matt and Becky and Jared and Rachel had day dates. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I helped Nathan move home. He’s getting ready to go back to school at USU this Fall. At least, he thinks he is; he needs final admissions confirmation which hopefully will come very soon.

We had a fun outing last week. We took our whole family to the Living Planet aquarium in Salt Lake. We had a birthday celebration for Rachel (Megan) and Becky, and had fun showing the grandkids all the cool things at the aquarium. Besides fish and sea life, they also have animal life from various places. Some of our kids were quite excited to see the binturong (aka “bearcat”). I liked the aviary. They also have a shark tank with a tunnel that goes underneath, which was cool. My favorites were the aquariums with tropical fish; I want to set one up at home one day.

Here’s a photo of Sherrie in the “bubble” at the aquarium:


Sherrie had a piano recital a couple of weeks ago where she played a duet with her teacher and a quartet (two pianos, eight hands) with the teacher and a couple of other students. It was great fun. She is an awesome piano player, and I love hearing her fill our home with the great music she plays. I started playing piano again; our new piano has inspired me to practice again.

And, you probably knew it had to come some day, and I’ve resisted for a long time, but I am now learning a jazz guitar piece. I’m learning an arrangement of Autumn Leaves. Wish me luck, and hope that I don’t go over to the dark side for good.

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