Pantry pantry everywhere!

I am surrounded by everything that belongs in my kitchen pantry – it all now resides in boxes behind my couch and love seat – a very nice look! We have moved everything several times depending on what stage of the project we are working on, and decided that right in the middle of the living room was a pretty good place and hopefully they will stay there until they are all put away.

Yesterday we worked a lot of the day and have “finished” several parts of the project. We took the last of the baseboards off, and everything is puttied back up and ready to be sanded. This means that everything in the rooms we are working on is now pushed to the center of the rooms which is pretty awkward, but helpful. Tomorrow I hope to do all the sanding and be ready to paint. I have lowered my sights and and hoping to just touch up paint, but it will all depend on how well it blends. I think the color will be okay, but I am worried that the sheen might be different and give it away. If I have to paint all the walls it will be a very big painting week!

Michael left for VA again this morning. I hope it will be a good week for him – this trip can sometimes be on the stressful side for him with lots of very long days and frustrating problems. At least he gets to get out of our crazy house for a week and hopefully I will be able to get quite a bit done while he’s gone.

I am all done with my preschool job at least for now. It doesn’t feel different yet since we just got out for the summer – I will have to wait until fall to see if I am glad or not about being done. I think I will be both.

We missed going to Idaho to decorate graves this year – we stayed home and had a fun birthday party for Michael last Saturday. We were able to get our entire family together for a picnic in SLC which was so great – I expect it will become a lot more difficult to get everyone in one place as our kids get more and more involved in their own stuff. We are very happy when it happens! Thanks, Pam and family for making sure the Idaho graves were visited.

We did make it to our traditional Memorial Day picnic in my cousin Wade’s backyard. We met Kevin’s and Cathy’s families at the Hyrum Cemetery and saw my parents’ graves as well as a lot of my dad’s family graves. We do love to do that and remember the connections we have to our family who came before us. It is always a good day to connect with the Lindleys as well. It was not a very big crowd this year – I think the Jensens might have outnumbered the Lindleys this year.

With all our extra time getting used up with our house project, I have not been outside doing my yardwork. Last night I decided to go out for just a few minutes, and I found some very large weeds. I pulled as many as I could fit into my already pretty full trash can, and have made a resolution to get out there and get myself caught up. I also discovered that I have peach borers which is very bad news for our little peach tree that gives us such delicious peaches. I am not sure if that can be cured – it may be curtains for our little tree. It looks super healthy and has tons of peaches for this year though.

Here are some pictures from Mike’s birthday picnic – Rachel was teaching Esther some ballet moves, and Jared and Silas we just being cute.



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