How to make yourself crazy

How in the world do people survive real renovation projects? We are doing a tiny one, and it is proving to be a pretty big disruption to our normal “peaceful” life!. We have been in a minor disruption from taking off baseboards – furniture is out of place, and there are piles of baseboards in corners etc., but this weekend was demo week for the kitchen wall we are re-doing. Friday I was surprised at just how much stuff fit into our now late kitchen pantry. I got a bunch of boxes from Costco and they quickly filled and overflowed and now my pantry is a bunch of boxes full of stuff stacked against the wall in my kitchen and dining room. We did as much of the tear down as we could Friday night and Saturday after Michael’s guitar recital (He was amazing), then yesterday afternoon our friend Aaron (who knows stuff about construction and luckily de-construction) came over and helped us take down the rest. On his very first swing we felt like we were an HG tv project when he said, “Oh no, that’s not good – there are pipes in here”. Who knew that the main electrical lines as well as the water pipes for the bathroom upstairs would be hidden in the wall of our pantry! So now we need an electrician and a plumber to come and help us figure out what to do so we can take the last wall down. It’s only time and money, right??? Anyway, it was a huge dusty mess yesterday and it took til we fell into bed last night to get the dust cleared and piles at least moved to the edges and garage in preparation to have company for Sunday dinner this afternoon. We have about two weeks to get the problems taken care of, and get the drywall fixed and painted before our cabinets are ready. I fear that we are getting enough moving parts that it is going to take a lot longer than we planned. We think we have a drywall guy, but now need to get the plumber and electrician in here before he can start, so things could get really messed up. Who knew getting a simple new floor would be so complicated!

It was fun to go hear MIchael play in his guitar recital yesterday. I remember how nervous he was for his first one, and now he is much more relaxed! This time he played and sang a blues song called “Blues is a Woman”. He is becoming a very good guitar player and his singing was great, too. Now I need to get my little “recital” over with as well. I have been working on a piano piece but opted not to play in the recital my piano teacher held (mostly kids and she made it optional for the adults), so our friend Mike Adams, who also takes lessons, and I decided to hold our own. We are planning on a double date this week which will include going to the good piano at the church where we will play our recital pieces for each other and our spouses, then go off to celebrate being done. It is time to move on to something else – I just got two duets to learn for the summer, which will be super fun but with this big one hanging over my head, I haven’t really started learning them yet.

I have almost made it to the end of preschool. Tomorrow we will just practice our graduation program and it is our swimming day so won’t be much structured school, then Wednesday is graduation day. I am sad to know I am not going back next year in some ways but I am excited about it in other ways. I do get attached to my little charges, and will miss them, though. It has been a fun and rewarding challenge to learn how to teach preschool, and harder than I thought it would be.

Well, other than our regular stuff, we have just been preoccupied with the mess in our house. We hope you are all surrounded by order and tidiness and that your lives are not crazy. (I know, there is always crazy.) We are looking forward to summer and lots of fun in between painting and projects. We hope to see lots of you as well!

Last look at the kitchen wall​​


How it looks now​​


A couple photos from last week’s Ragnar that we got this week. The finish line. Note Matthew, Esther and Becky peaking out from behind Jared 🙂 Silas and Esther were supposed to lead us in, but Esther fell asleep on Matt’s shoulder.


Our team photo. Esther is still out. Don’t we look happy to be finished??


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